21 days to Breatharianism

Yesterday was day one of my conversion period to change-over from normal eating and drinking to the Breatharian way of life, to live of light and energy.


I experienced no hunger or thirst. However, it is remarkable how unconscious we are concerning food. First when we stop eating we notice how often we take something to eat. An apple, other fruits, something out of the fridge.

It is said that the Breatharian way of life makes your mind clearer. So far has day one brought me already greater awareness.


I wrote my own Sunlight meditation to support my change-over. In the first week of this 21-day period I allow myself to drink some water. I think it is necessary to detoxify my body.


During the next 21 days I will observe how my body and mind react and report this here on my blog.


Thank you for reading.


With kind regards,



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