21 days to Breatharianism

Yesterday was the second day of my switch to Breatharianism. Also with physical  labor, the day went well without hunger and thirst. Around midday I experienced a slight headache, but after drinking some extra water that was quickly resolved. My body starts with detoxification and I think it is important to drink water in this phase to support the body with this detoxification. There were no further perticularities. My body has not protested in this process.


Today was day three in my changeover process. I woke up this morning from the first rays of sunshine in our bedroom. In that moment I did my light-meditation. When I got up I noticed that my head felt lighter and everything seemed going a bit slower. There was no feeling of hunger, but the thought of eating something to get rid of the light feeling in my head came to mind. Drinking extra water and concentrating on something else was the solution.


What is the difference between a fasting period and the switch to living of light?

In my view, fasting is a short time when someone does not eat anything to detoxify the body and achieve better health. This person does not change anything mentally. After the fasting period, people return to everyday life. With the switch to living of light, the body is prepared for a life without food and drink. Hereby it is necessary that there is also a mental change. The cell memory of the body must be reprogrammed. Old beliefs must give way to new ones. When someone wants something new, new beliefs are needed.


Thank you for reading.


Yours faithfully


Roy Kopp

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