21 days to Breatharianism

Yesterday, day 4, was a day of contradictions. The morning was super with a lot of energy and only few thoughts on food. The afternoon was dominated by the need to eat something salty. Artichokes! I love artichokes. I have resisted the urge to go to the store and buy artichokes. The participation in the meditation evening that my wife Martina organizes every second Wednesday has distracted me from the artichoke theme. The evening was then saved.


Today, day 5, was really a challenge. My Dao-Yin exercises (Qi gong) this morning were a challenge. My body protested. My energy level was very low. Around 10 o'clock I went to the store and bought artichokes. Back home, the need to eat artichokes had disappeared. Only the thought that there are artichokes in the house and that I can eat them, was enough to calm my mind and concentrate on Light Food. Then I recorded my light meditation so that I can listen to it when I wake up, and every other moment when my energy level is low.


To be continued.


Yours faithfully.



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