21 days to Breatharianism

Day 6-7-8

The last 3 days I was in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the Netherlands I had a work appointment on Friday - day 6 - and afterwards I went to my sister who lives in Belgium with her children.

On Friday morning I left home at six o'clock for a 6 hour ride, as long as there are no traffic jams. Water and coffee was the only thing that I brought along and that was sufficient. The journey went smoothly and I was not hungry or thirsty. In the evening I have been jogging 3.5 kilometres without any problems.


Day 7 was dominated by conversations and a walk in the woods with my sister and her children. A lot of distraction from the theme of light-feeding, but therefore also less time for doing my light meditation. Day went well without any real particularities. My energy level was somewhat lower because I did not do my meditation.


Day 8 was the return trip. The drive back home took a little more than 6 hours. While driving, I experienced that my body reacts well to not eating. Next week I also want to start stop drinking. This depends on whether I remain physically in good condition without any complications. I have not experienced fatigue or that light feeling in my head these last three days.


The next week I have to work five nights. I am curious how that will affect my conversion process.


To be continued


Yours faithfully



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