21 days to Breatharianism

Lindau (Bodensee)
Lindau (Bodensee)

Day 9 to 12.


Today is Thursday, June 20, day 12 of my conversion period to living on light.

The last 12 days, I have never had a feeling of hunger. There are boring moments because the different flavors of good nutrition are missing. Eating on the other hand, is a habit and addiction such as smoking. To deal with that, I partly look for distractions in work and reading. More important is observing my feelings and thoughts and allowing them to be there. These feelings and thoughts are neither good nor wrong. They are simply there and allowed to be there. They are there to be felt and experienced. By feeling and experiencing them they quickly become less, and in a short time they disappear completely because their goal has been achieved. For me, another way of dealing with this is listening to my light meditation.


Days 10 and 11 were the easiest so far, because I worked at night and slept most of the day. Not eating at night is easier for me because my body is in a different mode. Yesterday afternoon I gave the weekly Dao-Yin lesson. Dao-Yin fits into a living on light-diet, and for me, it is a perfect addition to my meditation. Dao-Yin (Qi gong) exercises increase the energy level in the body.


This morning I woke up at 5:30 am and couldn't sleep anymore. I got up much earlier as normaly and did my Dao-Yin exercises and light-meditation. Then I drove to Austria, a 15-minute drive, and at 8:00 am I started a hike to the "top" of the Pfänder at a little more than 900 meters, height above sealevel. The hike upwards took me thirty-five minutes instead of the indicated 60 minutes. This was the first real powerful exercise  since my switch to living on light. The trip was much lighter and easier than before. No trace of fatigue or muscle complaints.


At the moment I still have the feeling that my decision to stop eating is still the right one.

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To be continued


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