21 Days to Breatharianism

Day 13 - 21

Today is day 21 of my conversion process on living of light. Last week was one of many different situations. Work and not eating, leisure and lots of sun and not eating, meditate and not eating. From day one there has never been a real feeling of hunger.


What I have increasingly missed is the taste of many good things. I have not missed sweets and cakes, but the taste of fruit and vegetables all the more. In various social situations it has also been a challenge not to eat.


Furthermore, I have not felt tired or powerless. Almost every day I have done a tough physical exercise. Night shift, walking uphill, cycling, jogging, in-line skating. All this has not caused any physical problems.

Still, I went to eat again yesterday because I really missed cooking together and enjoying healthy food together with my wife Martina. And although I have already experienced the expected positive effects of not eating - being clearer in my head, more concentration - healthy skin, enjoying eating together is more important to me at the moment.


My intention, however, is not to eat at least four days a week. I want to preserve the positive effects of not eating as much as possible and I expect to get it done in this way.


In the coming period I will keep you informed of further developments. It is still  possible that I completely switch to living of light again.


Thank you for reading.

To be continued.


Yours faithfully,


Roy Kopp