Love or Fear

I am Roy. My wife and I live in the Tuscan Maremma (Italy) for 14 Month now. We decided to move to Italy because of the changing political, social and personal climate in Germany. We want to live our dream of being a steady base, Refugium, for people that need support by finding their personal goal in life. We founded our association "Lemuria Lumina" as an assistance and tool to reach our goals.


Today I heard an interview about founding an Austrian association. The interviewer was interested because he wanted to protect his belongings, out of fear losing it all. The man interviewed founded his association because he wanted his freedom and made it out of love.


In this last year each of us has been challenged. Do I decide what to do out of Fear or out of Love? It is time to make our decisions out of Love. It is my opinion that for too long most people made their decisions out of Fear. We can stop what is going on right now. We only have to decide! And the question is do I decide out of Fear or out of Love?


In my blog I would like to be of assistance, helping you find your path and goals. You can write and ask questions by email: verein@lemuria-lumina.com or by Telegram: https://t.me/roykopp. You can write in English, German, Dutch, Italian and French.


I´ll be back ... soon.